Arkansas Quinnon Hamlin

Quinnon Hamlin — Arkansas

This guy here is Quinnon Hamlin. He works for Publix as a produce clerk… the same position he has had for over 20 years. He claims to have rejected several promotions, but the truth is he just isn’t good enough to be promoted so they haven’t even offered him one. He is well into his late forties, and thinks he is cool because he plays the guitar. He lives under the delusion that one day he will be noticed for his guitar skills, but he is mediocre at best and his “talent” consists of making sh1tty videos of himself doing “solos” which is really just him playing a bunch of random notes because he sucks so bad that he can’t actually play a real song. He also considers himself to be into fitness and healthy living and walks around like some sort of fitness guru because he is vegan, but he drinks like a sailer and gets wasted every night while he is all alone because his girlfriend left him. Doesn’t sound too healthy does it? Speaking of the ex girlfriend… get this. This over the hill, washed up drunk nabbed a fat chick who was originally his coworker. As the only one who gave her any attention, it wasn’t hard to get her to date him, even though he was in his 40s and she had just entered her 20s. She finally lost weight and got pretty hot, got promoted to assistant manager (making double what he does), and learned how to dress for her body. She got way too hot for him, so I decided it was time to do something. After 8 years of them dating, and even though she was my direct boss (violation of Publix policy), it only took me 2 weeks to get her to cheat with me and leave him. Three days after they had officially broken up and she moved out, I told her I didn’t actually want her. Tbh, I really just didn’t want this loser to be with her anymore. This guy is such a loser, that it’s a year later and he is still talking about all of this like it just happened, and then freaked out over me calling him lame, and had to go make a post on Facebook about it. If you can honestly get offended by an insult so weak as someone merely calling you lame, then that shows how fragile your ego is. I have had much worse said about me and not gotten as bent out of shape as he did. It’s all good though, I reported his Facebook post for harassment and he’s probably going to lose his job over it. Oh well. Oh, and his ex… by now she has gotten promoted again, and is a full manager. Meanwhile, he is still just a produce clerk. LAME.