California Quiana Hughes

Quiana Hughes — Stockton, California

Ladies and gentlemen you should run the other way if you see this woman coming in your direction. She is ugly as a pit bull and pug dog put together and fat as a cow..yet somehow she stole my husband from me. She hacked into our email accounts and learned many of the private things that only a husband and wife should know. She then stalked us by showing up at restaurants where my husband and I were having a leisurely meal. Quiana pursued my husband relentlessly even though she knew that he was clearly in love with and wanted to be with me. She would post pictures of her and My husband on her social media sites and was clearly disrespectful to our marriage. She offered him blow jobs and then took pictures of their sexual relations and would send them to me. She lives in the same location as my husband and obviously has way too much access to him. Quiana would wait outside our house for hours waiting for my husband to come outside or throw out the trash just so she could try to get him to leave me. Somehow she put a recording device on my husband’s phone and listened to us make love. But even that wasn’t enough to stop her from coming after my man. Quiana Hughes is a home wrecker who uses her children as pawns and has no morals or integrity. Watch out for her!