Cheaters Quentin Eugene Martin

Quentin Eugene Martin – Michigan

Dated this lame-O who i met on POF. He was nice but not very ambitious. I let that go. He never was dependable and everything is everyone’s fault. Even though he was the MOST boring person I ever met, I gave him a chance. Because we were committed, we decided to stop using condoms. I was on birth control and he had a vasectomy. Broke up, I got super sick. Come to find out I was 23 weeks pregnant with a problem. Many issues and would not be viable. Terminated and asked for financial help. He said he would help. Asked to get some help and have heard nothing. When I was healing from surgery, I got a text. Never a call oh and did I mention he had his vasectomy reversed and he’s already a deadbeat to his 4 sons. So ladies, if you see Quentin Eugene Martin of Flint, MI by way of Gary, IN, run in the opposite direction. He’s a 46/47 year old sofa surfing, bad credit no ambition having SOB. He’s funny looking and his lack of personality makes him hideous. His only skill is eating p***y and his big d**k. Other than that he’s a waste of space.