Canada Priscilla Ann Tittemore

Priscilla Ann Tittemore — Quebec, Canada

Priscilla cheated on her son’s father, Patrick, while he was at work. She would trash his house, do drugs in his house, and it became so bad that at 2 months old she lost their child to CPS. Priscilla Ann Tittemore has been a cheater for years, but she took it to the next level starting in 2012. She was dating a man named Sam and she started sleeping with different men regularly. She would then blame Sam and abuse him when he found out and wanted to leave her! She would troll websites like Badoo and Twoo hoping to get laid while her common-law husband Sam worked 12 hour shifts to support her. She would steal his money to buy drugs (speed aka meth is her drug of choice). It became so bad that she was sleeping with at least 4 different men a week! She would take her husband’s money and spend it on booze to get hot guys drunk so she could sleep with them. A man even found out later that he got syphilis from her! Now she is no longer with Sam, but she is engaged with a Jean-Francois. She had a baby she claims is his….her daughter looks NOTHING like him! Turns out she was cheating on her fiance and had a baby by someone else! She always told me she never sleep with black guys…probably because she never uses condoms and she didn’t want her baby to come out looking black! She also admitted to hitting Jean-Francois and complains he smothers her by monitoring her because he doesn’t trust her. I wonder why! DO NOT have sex with this woman ESPECIALLY unprotected she has syphilis and herpes and refuses to get treated. Don’t let her infect you, OR your relationship!