California Precious Bernal

Precious Bernal – California

From El Monte California is a liar and a cheater. tried to save her from her bisexual ex-husband i eventually got her to divorce named Matthew that turned her out getting her to have threesomes with his best friend and then to go out and have sex with other guys then come home and have sex with him getting him hot by telling him all the nasty details before she was allowed to shower! she lied to the army and said they were married when they were separated so they could steal extra money for the daughter they had at 18 and is now 25 and hasn’t had a job in years! she slept with all the guys she again after he went away to the army and their friends. she lied to me for 3 1/2 years and stole when she worked for me and previous jobs she did have include a strip club and brothel. her daughters name is actually beautiful i’m not making this up. she loved it when she got double penetrated by her husband and his friend but had the nerve to say she cried herself to sleep at night afterwords but then went out and slept with random dudes he would pimp her out too and slept with the same guys again when he left?!? she is a constant liar and a cheater and cannot be trusted under any circumstances. she is also vindictive and capable of doing ANYTHING to get revenge when she is upset but will do the same things she is upset or afraid you might do all the time. she is extremely jealous because she’s the type of person who cannot be trusted. i have never met anyone more jealous, insecure, untrustworthy, trashy and over all that’s just a bad person and unfit mother. no amount of drugs or alcohol can fix the damage she did to me and i was clean when i met her. she is a first class con-artist. if you ever meet her turn around and run as fast as possible. she will probably be the best lay you’ve ever had and will talk and look at you soo dirty it will make your head spin but watch out, her quote to describe herself on Facebook where she meets guys she hooks up with is, “i’ll make you love me” and it’s not because she’s such a nice person like she says she meant. ho’s are nice people, they give it up easy; god bless em. but don’t fall for her i’m a christian b.s. and watch out for her family. her and the rest straight trash. i tried and failed to save her, don’t ever try to save anybody. i should’ve known by the tatoos and with a name like precious and a daughter named beautiful and those are real names not stage names. if you know this girl watch out. she is a true narcissist and sociopath.