California Poison

Poison – California

With through every stage with this woman and never actually knew who she was. She lied to me on every turn, broke every promise and agreement we ever had, and did nothing but take and never gave anything back. She spent all of time being deceitful and fake while I gave everything to her. No class, no brains, and no respect not even for herself. From girlfriend, to fiance, to wife and then 5 mos in decided to just bail out like I was nothing. Left without talking to me, ended up cheating and dating while we were very much married, but because she said she was done then she thought this was okay. She threw me under the bus legally and financially, and ripped my life apart. I treated this witch way better than she ever deserved and was the opposite of everything she was ever with before me, but I was not appreciated and she was too weak and pathetic to actually enjoy what she had in me. Love was never there from her, I was just someone she used and abused and left for dead pretty much. This woman’s life is a trainwreck, and she will do the same to you, steer clear and her past and her evil ways will devour you and spit you out in pieces and with no regard either. She may have an STD also the way she gets around also, I wish I had never met her, and my life would’ve been so much better off.