California Piyah Martell And Eugene Lemell

Piyah Martell And Eugene Lemell — Sacramento, California

These people have cheated on their significant others. A lot of these women were in denial whenever they cheated on them until they realized what he was doing. Even worse, Eugene lied and said they cheated on him when they didn’t. None of his relationships lasted. He also often tricks women into thinking he has money, a nice place, etc. As time goes by, his true colors come out and he starts using and abusing them. That’s right, he stole money from them in order to fund his lifestyle and drug addiction. He’s also a pimp and an extortionist. He’s extorted thousands of dollars for other people. He also racked up one woman’s credit cards. He’s a greedy and selfish person whose cruel to animals. He bounces from one couch to another and can’t even stay out of a relationship. Piyah is just like Eugene! She’s on social security who uses the money to buy shit she doesn’t need. She often tricks people into allowing them into their homes. She takes advantage of her roommates including stealing their clothes, food, bathing materials, etc. If you give her a place to stay, she’ll wreck your home like she owns it. She’s lazy and has people do her dirty work for her. She’s fucked around with other guys because she’s also a drug addict and prostitute. Her boyfriend don’t know she doesn’t that shit. She’s also been exposed on youtube as a cheater. Piyah and Eugene hurt a lot of people and don’t care. They owe money to a lot of people and refuse to pay up. They also hurt a cat belonging to his former fiancee. Now, Piyah’s facing jail time for animal cruelty. She also slept with a bunch of married men and is full of STD’s. Piyah and Eugene also slut shame innocent people for shit they don’t do. They also post naked pics on social media including facebook and instagram. They’re quite the pornographers. They would make the best fuck buddies. Eugene also has three children he doesn’t take care of and insists on lining up another girlfriend in case his relationship didn’t work out. Piyah did the same thing. They absolutely have no respect for other people and their property and treats them like shit. They are high school drop-outs who think they could get jobs without a high school diploma or g.e.d. They also think they’re good people when they’re not. They’re don’t know how to love. They also are very nasty people who should rot in hell. They smoke meth and weed. MANY TIMES PER DAY! They will make your life a living hell. If you see them, run! They will ruin your life if you associate with them.