Cheaters Phil Cousineau

Phil Cousineau – Florida

PHIL AND KRIS COUSINEAU- THIEVES Its a shame that PHIL Cousineau, Clearwater Florida lied and stole and had falsified documents submitted in his divorce from his FIRST wife…He has been living a lie and also living off the MONEY and PROPERTY he STOLE…here is another TRUTH for you Kris- Phil bought the sailboat while he was married to me to entrap YOU because my family cut him off from anymore funds…EVERYTHING he impressed you with was stolen from MY family and MY blood , sweat, AND TEARS. He was scum when i met him and he’s scum to this day…he’s your scum…ha.Phil NEVER wanted a sailboat..he ALWAYS WANTED A SPEEDBOAT. MORE TRUTH- once Phil met you on the internet (he was communicating with lots of females, not just you) and you were so eager to tell him your daddy had money and you believed his b******* and started to tell him he was great…he then went out bought the sailboat and started f****** you…in more ways than one..suckered in…Kris, you KNOW Phil never knew how to sail…he wrecked the boat a few times….he IS a sociopath…they will stop at nothing to get what they want and it WAS NOT YOU he wanted …as far as you having his kids…he loves himself more than anything in the world…even his kids…he is geared to what he wants when he wants it…except sex..cuz that is something he is horrible at. remember throwing out the John Holmes P**** Pump because you could not keep your p**** from falling out of it…TRUTH..LOL I do not need to keep your secrets anymore PHIL. Phil runs the Shipping Store at 1444 south belcher road, clearwater florida, Everyone reading this please BOYCOTT this store…Phil stole from me ILLEGALLY and is running this store from those funds…PHIL KNOWS this is the TRUTH..SUE ME if it is a LIE…LIAR, COWARD —Well, he’s waited a long time…Phil you have inherited some money, was it worth it….makes you a scum bag….you will waste the income, hopefully your kids don’t trust you…if they don’t step up they will have no inheritance…have you started to spend the money on you yet??????