Canada Petra Marshall

Petra Marshall — Alberta, Canada

This is Petra Marshall. She just made her way to silver with YoungLiving this month. And she cheated her whole way there. Everything from convincing single broke moms to buy into something they cannot afford to frauding them by duplicating their accounts more than once to reach her current silver ranking; in which she walked on stage and was awarded for. Clearly she dosen’t deserve it. Especially after triple charging a pregnant ladies credit card three times with her monthly order to get her ovg because she bought her the account to make up for taking all the money she raised for her son who was dying from cancer. Can’t wait to watch this bitch crumble to the ground with the karma she deserves. She manipulates people consistently into thinking shes this good honest person, but will turn around and stab you in the back first chance she gets. Btw shes also an unlicensed marijuana dealer. And has been selling illegally for almost 10 years. This is why she gets so far in her MLM businesses because shes been using them to wash her money for years! Fuk you Petra.