Australia Peter John Trafford

Peter John Trafford – Melbourne, Australia

This man is a cheater and a conman who has conned me out of money also another womans family over $100,000 dollars. He cheated on me with my then best friend of nearly 50 years. His name is Peter John Trafford, He is a world class chef an alcoholic and a pathological liar. I am writing this to stop other women from being caught up in his web of lies and deciet. It can be soul destroying and he has no concience. I dont know where in Melbourne he is I would say his new woman has taken him in and she is I believe a Single mum. This man would steal from his own flesh and blood if the need arose. I just want to protect other women from falling into his charismatic deceit of lies and deception. He has ruined my friendship with my former best friend. PPlease name and shame him so othher women dont become his next victim. Hes a smooth operator. Thankyou for listening and Ladies please take note he will promise youu the world.