Cheaters Peter Alvarez- Depasquale

Peter Alvarez- Depasquale — Wellington, Florida

This idiot moron thought he was going to get his ex wife in trouble by lying to someone she knows and told them she was in Florida. The person isn’t stupid and this stupid ass numb nut didn’t accomplish anything because the person this queer bisexual fag told was already hip to the shit this nobody would pull. So back at you dumb dumb. Peter is mad because the truth about him was posted, previously. Everyone knew he would pull Shit like this. But he got no where, just like he got no where in life. See, he didnt think God punished his stupid ass enough by giving him a down syndrome kid, and by going bankrupt? God don’t like ugly. So if he wants to keep lying, he needs to remember, what goes around comes around. What a idiot. He can Keep playing if he wants because he’ll only get burned in the end. I guess the truth hurts, huh! This moron lives on miramontes circle in Wellington Florida. What a corn ball!!!!