Cheaters People Never Change

People Never Change – New York

The continuation of her lies and degrading of herself is unbelievable… she continues to randomly sleep with man, and then having the nerve to talk about other people, who clearly are happy. This woman doesn’t care about anyone but herself. New information came to me informing that she is even being investigated at work for a history of prescription drugs being missing, patients not being taking care properly, and them complaining about the lack of care and empathy that she shows for patients in her floor. I cannot believe that she still holds a license to be a nurse. Karma is a B****, and she surely will get her share of headaches. Karma is already been knocking on her door, she is just too stupid to realize it or to stop what she has been doing. I dont understand why people compliment her on her physical beauty or even her inside beauty, because as you can see, she has neither. No wonder why she is so into destroying other individuals life, because she is so unhappy with hers.