Cheaters Penny Fredricksen

Penny Fredricksen — Dunellon, Florida

My dad left his wife and two children a few days before Christmas of 1996 for this trash. He was married to my mom for 25 years and had recently discovered his best friend and business partner was dating our family friend, Penny. We all thought it was a match made in heaven and couldn’t have been happier for their blossoming relationship, everyone except my dad. After about 6 months of their relationship, everyone was talking engagement, and then my dad went to work and never came home. He called the next morning to tell my no he wasn’t coming home because he was in love with Penny. He had been sleeping with her years. He was leaving my mom and his family for her. Our family fell apart, our lives fell apart, and we were forced to relocate to a different state. I have seen my dad one time since we left, and it was at my brothers funeral in 2009, where he refused to help pay for the arrangements. I have since nixed him completely from my life, which is ironic, because him and his whore moved from north Idaho to a small town about 20 mins from my front door. He does. It know his grandchildren, and never will. I hope he rots in hell right along side his drunk whore of a wife. ??