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Peggy Simone Peggy Tryder Peggy – Maryland

Margaret Rose Simone, 10 years into our 15 year marriage met an old “boyfriend ” on Facebook and commenced a “relationship”. She quit her job, bought a new car, convinced me to move out of state( to be near him) rented an expensive apartment and when the money was all spent gave the “I love you but am not in love with you” speech. “I wanted financial security” ( strange way to achieve it). “I want to be on my own”( a lie). I was blind sided. I left completely broke heartbroken, and at loss as to why. I was blinded by love and didn’t see what was happening. As soon as the divorce went through. She announced that she ran into an old friend and was in a “relationship” with him 1 month later they married. She lied to her children about the time frame( false as proven by Facebook). And a lot of other other things. Now everyone is to accept and love him as she does. When this happend, I was emotionally right back to the day she dumped me. I believe that she is a classic case of Narcissistic Personallity Disorder. 8 out of 11 characteristics . She is a force of sadness and destruction. She cares only about herself. Not me, not her children, not her family, only herself and she will do what ever it takes to get it.