California Paulina Cervantes

Paulina Cervantes — Huntington Beach, California

Paulina cervantes 30 year old single mom of 2 kids boy and girl different dads. Obviously this women is not happy with her life. So she gets with married guys and especially likes to manipulate the younger ones. She loves to drink and party shes immature she has no shame in being seen with a guy who is still married she is now dating a guy named Francisco cortez he ended up leaving his wife and daughter of 2 years to go live with this crazy women. She harrasses his wife alot with pictures of them together and has no shame in talking about how much they have sex its disgusting this women calls herself a mother. She tried to get near their daughter once. Who knows what shes capable of. Beware she lives by the shopping center called 5 points on main st and ellis. She lives on back apartments. She loves to hang out and eat at marios shes an alcoholic. She needs mental help too.