Cheaters Paula Blevins

Paula Blevins — Brighton, Missouri

Ladies, beware of this female. She is a snake that will try to be your friend and at the same time be sleeping with your man. She moved herself into my boyfriends house and kept telling me “we aint like that.” She says she didnt know we were together but that is a lie because I told her we were. I don’t totally blame her, but this butch wants to continually throw the shit in my face. I also believe she has slept with my sisters husband. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, I do know she has spent the night at his house. Instead of trying to get her kids out of state custody, she is slithering around town trying to see how many other families she can ruin. Stay clear of her. Her name is Paula Blevins and she slithers between Bolivar, Mo and Springfield, Mo.