Cheaters Paul Thomas Vestal

Paul Thomas Vestal — St. Louis, Missouri

Paul Thomas Vestal, aka Paul Thomas, is a man who wrecks his own home! Yeah, ladies, you read that right. I was with him for two years, and in that time, he’s cheated on me with at least 6 women physically, and literally countless others online in various formats. His newest source is Facebook, especially the Juggalo/Juggalette groups. He doesn’t care if you’re married, single, taken…as long as you’re female, he wants you. He compliments and flirts at first, or plays the part of the sympathetic “friend”. But that’s where it changes. He starts asking for pics, naughtier as time goes on. He then begins talking sexually with you, and tells you he’s a Dominant or Master and into BDSM. He prefers submissive heavyset women who are buxom and DUMB. He will lie and say he’s single but at the time of this post, he’s got two girlfriends. If a girlfriend gets upset over his “harmless” flirtation (by this point it’s almost all he does and will forsake sleep and risk his job to chase women, and will be neglectful of at least one of his girlfriends), he starts in with the abuse. His favorites are verbal, mental/emotional, and physical. He stops having sex with his girlfriends because his dick is covered in friction burns from jerking off for these online women so much. He respects NO boundaries. He has even plotted to leave his girlfriends to be with these fantasy situationships. If an online pursuit dies because the target is smart enough to know how much of a worthless fuckboy he is, he will pester her until she gives in or blocks him, then he takes it out on at least one of his girlfriends, blaming her/them for “ruining his fun”. Ladies, I could go on and on about this loser. I could direct you to his exes, all of whom he has cheated on. But I’m willing to bet you’ll recognize him, and if you’re smart, you’ll steer clear of this pitiful excuse for a man!