California Paul Mullins El Cajon

Paul Mullins El Cajon – California

Anonymously-I made the mistake of starting a conversation with this man by texting his number twice by mistake.He initiated the conversation first. Conversations were as “friends” I was very open and honest about me (to be cautious i did not give my real name or a real pic of me)and what I was going thru about my ex-boyfriend and that i was hurt, then he was giving advise,to how i should think or feel. I voiced my opinions on players he got a little defensive- this made me suspicious, so what little info i had on him and friends in the area did i find out that he was in fact married and a player . The last day I talked to him he mentions a woman’s name and asks me if I am her, proceeds to go into how vengeful she is and how she has this dislike for men just by that i knew he had hurt her bad ,but then again by the earlier conversations and comments that this woman meant more to him than he is willing to admit. So I ended it i was not going to get involved with a married man who will not take responsibility for what he has done – a man who cheats on his wife is no man, a man who does not admit his wrongdoing is no man, a man who hurts a woman emotionally and mentally is no man –