Cheaters Paul Josef (PJ)

Paul Josef (PJ) – Illinois

Nobody really knows? He came on charming as all get out … talked my ear off about all those women who had used and abused him in his past. Oh how forgiving he was to the woman who he caught cheating on him 5 times. And she wasn’t the only one.

I fell … hard. But we had a complication shortly after when I discovered I had cancer. I offered him an out … want to bail on me? I’m ok with that … No sex for 6 weeks after my hysterectomy and then what? Will they get it all or will I be needing chemo and radiation? Then the biopsy comes in … stage 3A endometrial … chemo and radiation needed … 6 rounds of chemo and a month of daily radiation … was he ok with that? Yes I will lose my hair … Wow … nope, I’m not running. Ok … so we move ahead.

But did we? No … he pretty much found every reason to avoid me … he practically moves in with me but is “out working” every evening … or was he?