PAUL GUCWA – Michigan

It all started when I found out he had been seeing another woman behind my back 6 months into our relationship. As usual he somehow sweet talked his way out of the situation and made me question myself. He then proceeded to continue seeing his ex wife behind my back along with traveling the world and having sex with prostitutes every time he traveled. To whoever is reading this.. that IS what he is doing on his trips. I found PROOF multiple times. He also tried to force me into being a swinger when i expressed multiple times that i didnt want to and it was hurting me. Who wants to see the man they love with another woman?! Not me! He told me im too jealous and any other woman would love to do that for him and if I don’t he wants to find someone who “really loves him”. I was never good enough. No one ever will be. He is extremely controlling and I truly believe he is a sex addict. We broke up in December and he has been texting me and saying he loves me since up until yesterday, Constantly. He says he is with someone and I need her to know how big of a liar and manipulator he is. EVERYTHING this man says is a lie. He will control and emotionally abuse you until it begins to ruin and affect every aspect of your life. I want to warn the next girl. Stay away if you can. I am not doing this out of spite.. He is truly THAT terrible . He will make you feel like he loves you, he will make you fall for him and then He will have his way with you. And when you don’t give him what he wants He will throw you away. I finally ended things when I found countless naked pictures of prostititues in his phone and the forum he was on that tells men where to find the best ones when they travel. He is going to Brazil in August and He is already planning which brothels to visit. This man will literally lie, cheat and steal from whoever he can. RUN.. please. I know its out of my control but i want to keep others from being crushed by this man the way I was.