Canada Paul Guarducci Kelowna

Paul Guarducci Kelowna – Canada

I wish there were enough words to describe what a horrible person this man is and what he has done to me over 8 years. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He is an alcoholic, cheater, and pathological liar. He has cheated on me three times over the course of 8 years, the last time was for an entire year while he had a girlfriend whom he lied to me about. He has done the same thing to many women across the country. Making me feel special when it was all fake. He has ripped me off hundreds of dollars for airline tickets, long distance phone calls all while he had girlfriends. Im so grateful that I know what a devil of a human he is but feel sorry for the women who fall for his pitiful lies. I honestly thought he cared for me and I feel so stupid, but grateful I learned my lesson to spot users like this.