Cheaters Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher – England

Paul Fisher is a liar and a cheat who I met on tinder. It was in January this year and we chatted for a week or so and exchanged no.s. He told me he’d been single since September and was going through a divorce. When we met the chemistry between us was intense and I saw him the next night and then the next, we had sex straight away. He told me he’d fallen for me and it was scary to feel such strong emotions straight away but right all at the same time, we just clicked. I won’t bore you with the relationship but it turned out his wife left him in Jan not sept, he cheated on her, he was also on Pof the whole time he was fuckin me 3times a week and he was also on a swingers site say he was a bi cross dresser looking to meet transgender a and transsexuals, you can imagine how shocked o was. I confronted him and he denied everything and said it was his ex being malicious, it wasn’t. He seems such a Geniune guy but he’s not please don’t believe a word he’s saying. I now have to wait 3weeks until I can get tested and I feel sick that I believed all this guys lies