Canada Paul Figuerias

Paul Figuerias – Toronto, Canada

Rapist Masquerading as Animal Rights Activist Paul Figuerias is a well known figure in the Toronto animal rights community who has a history of preying on young women who’ve had too much to drink. Several (12+) people in the Toronto animal rights community have come forward with various accounts of sexual harassment and assault pertaining to him. In my case, he and I were at a mutual friend’s house drinking alcohol. When I realized I’d had too much, I decided it was time to leave. He followed me out and, in the stairwell, slammed me against the wall and started kissing and groping me. I was eventually able to push him off and made it outside where I flagged down a cab. He got in the cab after me and I was too intoxicated to resist. Once at my house I tried to put him to sleep on the couch, but he followed me into my bedroom. I passed out as a result of alcohol consumption. When I came to, I found him overtop of me with his p**** inside me. Then I passed out again.