Canada Patrick Calhoun

Patrick Calhoun — Midland, Canada

Refers to women as “females”, his turn-ons are: talking about himself, bragging about massive goals he’ll never accomplish, punching holes in his step-mother’s walls, and gluing pubes to his face (not literally, but the “beard” he’s growing out is par for course) Cries that no one gets him, lives in his dad’s basement and pays NO BILLS at all, yet “works SO so hard” all the time, blows all his money on gambling/pool, texts every remotely attractive girl who starts working where he works, textbook definition of a complete f**kboy. Lies about wanting a relationship, feeling a strong magnetic connection, and being on the same page; but when he gets what he wants, starts lying his way out of his “promises” like a greased up, no-toothed snake in the grass. Literally lied to get the virginity of a girl with severe PTSD from previous childhood sexual assault – and then GHOSTED, turned the blame on her for asking questions, and STILL continues to randomly message her “wyd?” after she cut him off for triggering those memories/emotions. Says he’s a “loyal, trustworthy” person who never lied once, please GAG ME. He is the two-faced, one-toothed prince of bullshit. Swift Fingers, more like swift mouth, one-pump chump. Has hit up many women in similar ways in Barrie, Toronto, and Montreal. Recognize the name ladies? Share this to warn other naive, inexperienced girls. He doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but himself and will play the victim “boo-hoo oh poor me” card to any ears within the vicinity of his loud, nasally, egotistically whining voice. * Likes other girls profile pictures, but not the one he’s “seeing”.** **Is texting like 5 girls at anytime, and is massing an army of female friends of facebook as backups. Cries like a little b*tch when called on his this. You’ve been warned Simcoe County et al,