Cheaters Patricia Tijerina-King

Patricia Tijerina-King — Portland, Oregon

This little girl.. My boyfriend is an alcoholic (7 months sober!) Before he got sober, our breaking point about a year ago, I kicked him out. We were in a place that we weren’t sure we could fix it. He called me drunk to help him one night. I came over, he was texting this girl. I called her the next day and told her she needs to stay out of our relationship. She says she didn’t know and would never get involved. Ok. Now Im dealing with him talking to another female at our weakest moments and he goes to jail for a weekend to sit out fines and Im not picking him up!! I find out she is a liar and decided to get involved since I didn’t pick him up from Jail and spread her legs at this point and she knew full well about me and our kids. She is trash! She was smart and took my warning and left us alone. Fast forward a few months he is going weeks without drinking and then gives up. I gave up too told him I cant have it around our kids he needs to make a change, he stays at a friends house for a day or so and her number pops back up. Lost my mind and called her, she is talking about having his baby??? He has spent maybe an accumulation of a weeks time with her. Its BS. She vanishes again. As of November 11th he is sober! Thats 7 months here in a few days! Hard work and alot of ups and downs but we made it. He is to the point that he is starting to struggle with life sober, learning how to deal, the stress is getting to him. He tells me he isn’t happy and he doesn’t know what to do. I tell him maybe he should leave if this isn’t what he wants. He packs and stays at his friends. Guess whos back. Now, I get it shame on him! I also get how hard it is and how you can start not liking someone you love and the problems become too much and all you want is EASY.. and she is it!! She dropped everything even though he clearly uses her in between our weak times. And drops her just as quick. She jumped once again and messages me that he wants and needs her and is using me!!! She is delusional. I can tell she blocks and un blocks me on FB all the time checking in on my family. Now its so wrong of him to put me through it and to have ever involved this girl. But to know damn well he has a Family that will not give up on him and a Woman who won’t let a play toy ruin her family and she just jumps when ever she has the opportunity. If she didn’t know exactly what the situation was Id have nothing to say. But she damn well did and does and she certainly choses to be a homewrecking h*e! I sent him the messages and told him to end it or he has lost his family this time there is no recovery. He does and shows me her back to back messages, sorry I was upset you didn’t want to be together, I’ll do whatever you want, let’s squash things, obviously I care a lot about you, lets be friends ok? hello?….. and has even more balls to message me they are friends and there is nothing I can do about it that they have eachothers backs and everything. My last words to her were. You are not friends. He does not have your back. He has a family! There is nothing more to discuss… My messed up crazy beautiful relationship is mending. You may judge and thats fine. He is a good guy and a great Father who has been drunk for the most part of his life and has accomplished so much in this journey of sobriety and having a real Family and stability… Girls like this are so pathetic, to continue to accept the part of breaking up a Family. And to talk to me like she is important and I’m nothing. Children need to learn some respect these days. SMH. She needs to focuse on her kids and close the door to men who already have a family.