Cheaters Pathelogical Liar

Pathelogical Liar – Florida

There is this ungrateful guy that has been in orangeburg sc the majority of his life but was born in brooklyn, ny (like ppl care when he tell them that). This dude is the most ungrateful piece of scum I have ever seen n my life. With my own eyes seen him tryna talk to other women and lying about his life and stuff especially while he is now been married to the same woman he be with all through high school and been engaged to twice before then after she find him cheating and try to blame other ppl for his actions. He does admit stuff every once in a while now but goes behind her back still to do things that is against their marriage and down right disrespectful. I ask her y the HELL is she still with that fool, but everytime she make attempts to leave him or move on, there he is beggin and cryin puttin on a act that no longer has an affect.I agree that when u make vows and promises and other stuff with somebody and that person been nothin but good to u, u do not desrve that person give the better person a chance for them to be happy with someone else and stop pullin them down if u aint worth it. But they are now pregnant and he seem to be doing right for awhile but he always go back to try to live the double life, but seriously u cant be really bout that cheating ir lying and schemin life if u dont get caught!!! This dumb mf get caught with EVERYTHING the wife ALWAYS finds out but i do wonder why the hell is his fake a** cant make up his mind. I mean if i was the opposite sex i would marry her myself but stupid ppl like this deserves whatever the hell they get from it