California Parris Jacobs

Parris Jacobs – Los Angeles, California

I stood by and watched this low life dirty white trash P4P skank parade my baby daddy Chris all over her Instagram but enough is enough!! We have a child together, we would still be together if it wasn’t for loose girls like this! Chris even has a traditional wife in his home country and he is double her age so I don’t know why she is so comfortable posting a man that is not hers publicly!!! He lies to me and says she is just some girl sleeping with his friend so she is always hanging around making her sound so stupid, that is how little he respects u Parris!! Parris does sneak videos of him in the background or does posts/deletes of Chris’s pictures to pretend like it’s her boyfriend to her lame 200 followers when she can’t even openly follow him – he won’t allow it!! I have been watching this charade for neaky one year.. It’s irritating because she is like a leech who is always at his house trying to move herself in, she has no shame in setting up a married man’s home and she is trying to integrate herself into my daughter’s life without chris or her having the courtesy of running it by me!! How can I confront someone who constantly lies??