Cheaters Parker Paige Cook

Parker Paige Cook — Dansville, Michigan

Parker Cook loves married men! If your man has money she will be extra persistent in hopes of him staying with her. She thinks if she can get pregnant by your husband she can keep him and she lies… she lies about not being able to get pregnant but then takes out her birth control to try to trap him and gets mad when he says he doesn’t want a baby. She has no regard for your kids, she will send your husband full nudes with your kids sitting right next to him. She sends daily lots of them to try to keep his attention. Sadly it works. She plays the young innocent role but has been with multiple husbands and likes to try to get paid off before the wife finds out. Unless she thinks your man is the one and has money then she won’t give up in hopes of snagging her sugar daddy. She lies about her age saying she’s in her 20’s but she is a 19 year old raised by a family with no morals who backs what she does.