Cheaters Pandita Melo (Autumn)

Pandita Melo (Autumn) — Baltimore, Maryland

She befriended someone’s husband after meeting him on BLndr. She knew he was married with children. She started having a side relationship with him and encouraged him to leave his wife. She tried to convince him to go to divorce lawyers and encouraged him to spend time with her instead of his family. After his wife caught him and confronted him and they decided to work through their marital issues she continued to contact him. She made a fake facebook profile so that she could contact his wife when she realized they were not breaking up. She then wanted the wife to know what a cheater and “bad” guy he is and proceeded to send the wife photos of all the selfies they took together. When the wife found her “real” profile and confronted her she blocked her but continued for two to three days texting the husband, professing her love, begging him to make his wife stop contacting her, and other nonsense. Watch out for this lonely little slut because she has made it clear she doesn’t mind being a mistress.