California Pamela Vanessa Guevara

Pamela Vanessa Guevara — Palmdale, California

Last year my husband was a manager at K-Mart in Santa Clarita. He hired this trashy, bastard making w****. My husband- soon to be ex- would bring her in for early shifts before the store opened. She would text him and call him at all hours of the night pissed when he didn’t answer her. He convinced me she was a crazy hoe that wanted him and didn’t like rejection. She found me in Facebook and sent me a pic she had sneaked of them. She sent me screenshots of his texts to her Saying he would pay her car payment if she kept being a good girl. I was devastated. That’s when I knew she was telling the truth and my husband is a dirty home wrecker just like this b who has like 6 or 7 kids with other married men. If you ever know her you better watch out and don’t believe her sob stories she’s a sneaky low down w****.