Cheaters Pamela Fleury

Pamela Fleury – New Hampshire

she meet my ex husband at work in Allscripts in Burlington, MA who is old enough to be his mother and started dating him while he was married to me. The woman knew me about, i did not know her and was directing my husband then on everything he was doing to me including all the abuse i suffered on his hands. she was seeing my husband while i was at home recovery from a major surgery at home and made him completely isolated his family and responsibilities. she broke up our marriage when i did not even know what was going on since my lying cheating husband was always saying that he is working late in the middle of the night when he is an 8-5pm salary worker. work is where you go and do work not screwing your coworker an old cougar homewrecker who is desperate to have man since she is a single mother and nobody wants her not even her child’s father. she has been so lonely for such a long time without a man that committing adultery and sleeping with a married man old enough to be her son who had a sick wife at home looks good enough for her. 1. Pamela homewrecker willfully, actively, wrongfully and intentionally interfered with the martial relationship with my husband, thereby causing an alienation of affections toward me; and, by reason thereof, depriving me of the society, companionship and marital harmony to which was entitled by virtue of my marriage. 2. That Pamela homewrecker willfully, actively, wrongfully and intentionally interfered with the marriage to the extent that my husband abandoned his marriage, abandon any care while I was in a sick bed, in a wheelchair, recovering from a surgery I had for him. This homewrecker unduly influenced to the extent that she maintained and promoted the continuance of an adulterous relationship between her and my husband and said relationship having been discovered by me and the worst part of it is that she actually knew that I was his wife. 3. Pamela homewrecker allowed and encouraged to cohabit with her from time to time while he was still married; that while my husband was still married, she regularly encouraged, promoted and maintain a sexual relationship with him which interfered with any possible reconciliation of their marriage; and, that the said actions of the Pamela ultimately resulted in the filing of a divorce between husband and I. 4. That the Pamela homewrecker, during the marriage, openly dated and let it be known that she and my husband were conducting an illicit and immoral relationship; and, that the said actions of this ugly homewrecker were willful, malicious and intended to cause the breakdown of the marriage to the extent that a divorce would occur between us, which ultimate goal of Pamela homewrecker was realized by her through her said malicious and willful actions. 5. This homewrecker obviously didn’t have a marriage with her former husband since she is a single mother for a very long time so she decided, hey why not, I should steal another person’s husband/marriage especially a home sick woman and she will never find until it is too late. She is a gold digger looking for a man to take care of her and her child. I made my husband very rich so she can step in after to reap the fruit of another woman’s labor. That is not going to happen; you can have him and you will have him as a poor man (a cheater is always a cheater) but you will not have the labor that I put in. This must be the reason why the first husband left her since she committees adultery with younger married men at work. Pamela is an old cougar who dates young man at work with no shame. She is very insecure and has a very low esteem of herself. She cannot date men of her age or find a man who is not married. Something must be really wrong with her since my husband’s mothers age is very close to Pamela’s age. Karma is a b1tch homewrecker and Pamela just as you ended my marriage, someone else at work will end your marriage with him, considering you meet him at work while he was married and there will be other women at work too. your relationship with him wont last no matter how much you try to hold him remember you got him through cheating. next time you decided to steal another woman’s husband, make sure it is not my husband.