Cheaters Pamela Benson

Pamela Benson – Georgia

Pamela Maureen Benson a cheater and a liar. I found out the hard way the very first time she spent the night at my house because her husband texted me while we were in bed! Of course, I didn’t find out until she left and I checked my phone. I had no idea she was married because she pretended to be single… made many dates with me over a couple of months… and was seen in public with me at events associated with her non-profit job (no one there knew she was married… so no one could warn me).Her husband emailed me the next day and we exchanged a couple of emails and I found out that she cheated on him the whole time they were dating with upwards of 10 or 12 other men in 3 years… and was emailing and trying to hook up with an old lover just a few weeks before she started flirting with me. She is a good liar, but eventually if you look hard enough, you find out that just about everything you think you know about her is a lie (life, education, experience, interests, etc).