Canada Palak Grewal

Palak Grewal — Surrey, Canada

I dont know how this chick isnt already on here but here we go. Meet Palak Grewal, another cheating slore from the streets of Surrey. She tells guys the same sob story of how all guys are the same, but turns out she has a habbit of sleeping with other guys behind her boyfriends back and this filthy thing was also fooling around with her own uncle at one point. She literally hops from d1ck to d1ck and thinks shes being sneaky. Not going to mention weather shes fuked in the head or not because everyone has their diifrent opinions on that, but do know that this slore has no morals and has a habbit of d1ck hopping. She was with my cousin and was literally getting boned by her co worker throughout the relationship and when he found out she tried messing with his head with lie after lie. Basically your classic lying cheating hoe from the streets of Surrey and needs to be put on blast