California Paige Ely

Paige Ely – Los Angeles, California

This is Paige Ely, an ex-felon who hit the headlines years ago when she was arrested for bank robbery. Quote from news, “Police said Ely made off with more than $5,300. When investigators went to her motel room, they said Ely hid about half the cash in her vagina, and required medical attention.” Yikes. After getting out of jail, Paige seems to find other ways to put her pu55y to good use. Her floozy name is Penelope Archer and she calls herself companion/suicide girl/alt model, but is just another ho selling pu55y to creeps. Her home base is LA and she travels often to other major cities for “photo shoots” (sellin a55). She looked different from a couple of years ago so she definitely undergone some cosmetic surgeries. On top of her fee this ho likes to demand gifts from regulars, then spends ho money to please her man. Guys should stop thinking with their d1cks and don’t fall into this trap.