Canada Page Allen

Page Allen — Windsor, Canada

This chick I met off back page invited me over her place while her mans gone. Sucked me off for 60$ and has the nerve to take an extra 60 out my wallet when I went to the bathroom to wash up. Not only does you mangy dog bites me but you rip me off. Ya bishhh I noticed. Yes I’m sad for buy a pig but I’m divorced been for 30 years, I’m beyond over weight and I haven’t gotten none since I was 38. I’m 68 and 342 lbs I need love too. Your so lucky I don’t call cas on you. Your house is nasty, you leave your kid crying to suck my d1ck. Wasn’t even that good. I should call humane society on you as well for your black mutt that bit me. Stay away from her. Back page beware. Windsor don’t be fooled. I’ll be back for my cash bishh