Canada On George Stroumbouloupoulos

On George Stroumbouloupoulos – Canada

Back in 2000 to 2002, I and a friend Corrine Cheredaryk came into contact with George. He approached Corrine about a deal for her boyfriend’s music group in Halifax, ON. He offered himself as an A&R man for companies with connections to the music industry, claimed to be a contract expert, and said he could get videos on the air. He went on a campaign over four months to convince Corrine to spend more time with him and talk to him about the deal, but only met with her boyfriend and his band twice. He heard them once and nothing came of these conversations on ‘dates’ to determine what direction to go. One day, he invited Corrine to go out to dinner with him saying he would flesh out a deal for the next day and get a meeting to have demos heard by a record company executive.