Cheaters OKCupid bewar

OKCupid bewar – Maryland

My husband of 12 years has been trolling OKCupid and BeNaughty hook-up sites giving the fake name of Leo or Tony. His name is Max. He’s a narcissist and just wants to live out his fantasies. He’s sick. Its hard to resist him; 46 years old, charming, Italian, good looking and has an accent. He’s in law enforcement in the Baltimore area, has a motorcycle, plays the drums so he’s everything wrapped into one except that he’s a compulsive liar. He’s dated over 50 women from the website, has broken a few hearts and once he gets what he wants, they are history. Ladies, beware. I was blinded by his charm for many years and I’m a smart, professional woman. He’s taken everything from me and will move onto the next. I was his second marriage and he did this to his first wife as well.