Canada Odessa Zoleta

Odessa Zoleta — Ontario, Canada

I’ve found out my fiance has another child, a Canada. I found out he cheated on me with a woman he met online. They met on C.O.D…then during my pregnancy, got to know each other through video chat and an app called Line. She knew every bit about me…mind you, him and I never missed a beat, ‘perfect’ couple. No issues. He drove from Ohio to Canada to spend the weekend with her, left me at home with his son and our boy, afew months old at the time. Left us to go there to her. He went to help her through labor, came home and proposed to me that week. He went to Canada for “work” and visited the baby. There has never been business in Canada, only her. He went there for the baby’s first birthday recently …she was born 1year, and 3 days after our son..and her name is even Gracie while ours is Grayson. Cute. So, with all that being said, he’s lied to me day in and out for years. I trusted him so much that I couldn’t see it coming. He’s begging, crying to me, to try again. Swears he’s lied because he was afraid to lose me. I’m not sure what to do for my son and I. This is a living hell. What is wrong with filthy people. No respect, no morality and no self respect at that.