Cheaters Nyrone H. Baptiste

Nyrone H. Baptiste – New York

Sickos serious sickos. All the time and integrity I put into this 17 years marriage and I get treated like this who was with a woman for 12 years only for sex we spoke and she knew he was married she knew her name is Patricia Stacy St. Clair why would you have a baby by a married man you aren’t a good person put your self in my shoes this man’s mother is abusive and his niece sexually harassed my son. And you had this baby by this man? Hopefully you will see what I mean don’t understand why you are trying to trap him he’s a snake and your really in for some garbage. Just because you work for the police department you feel you are right? Man this isn’t right PEOPLE THEY ARE BOTH SICK PEOPLE WATCH OUT FOR HER STACY st Clair and watch out for NYRONE Baptiste they are both Scam Artist one out for your heart and the other out for a check and trap men mind you she has a 12 year old by another man. Smh. .