Canada Nils Schulze-Halberg

Nils Schulze-Halberg – Canada

Nils Schulze-Halberg hides under the pseudo name “nelsonsuarezjuarez”. He is a narcissist with multiple personality problems but loves to emotionally abuse girlfriends by giving them the silent treatment. He is abusive and manipulative often playing “crazy making” to excuse his behavior to make his victims seem like they are the ones who are wrong. He will deny your relationship, not introduce you to friends and parents, block you on Facebook and also cheat on sites like OKCupid. He won’t ever apologize if caught. He has hidden IP addresses to hide all his shady activities. He is a pathological liar and narcissist who is only out to care of his own personal gain. He will use your apartment for free, especially in cities he travels to without any shame or responsibility.