Cheaters Nikki Vigil

Nikki Vigil – Colorado

Nikki Vigil of denver colorado was having an affair with a friends husband long distance. She is also sending pics of her minor son to the same men to use him to get money for them. She then turns around and threatens the man for money or she will tell his wife. Stay far away from her if you know what is good for you. My friend is unable to have children and while she and nikki were talking after she found out about the affair she decided to tell my friend what a wonderful guy my friends husband was to nikki and her kid. This woman is nothing but a two bit wh*re who uses men for money and sadly she lives with her sucker husband (unless of course he is also in on the con). And a narcisistic sociopath to boot. Stay faaaar away. She is the absolute worst in what a woman could offer..if you are on her hook get off because she’s just stringing you along just like she did him.