Canada Nikki Roulette

Nikki Roulette — Winnipeg, Canada

Good Lord Nikki put that sh1t away already lol Sav is your girl, you guys sharing crusties and DRD’s “My time is money” You say lol okay broke a55 begging on Facebook for Johns. Then you’re turning on Sav the second she finally gets locked up little stank a55 mace using, ass whooping failing, you little slors are so funny and entertaining to watch (also sad). You post these vid of your own face, try to smile and your brown yellow teeth poke out of your face always looks like your blowing hair or lint off a dirty John d1ck haha. Just, please stop.. We have had enough. All you Pig City hoes fighting over dirty d1ck and chump change. Honey, you’re so banged out give your poor jugular a break If you were really balling, would you still be selling your a55 10 years later what are you are you even legal yet? Always the same nylon, like do you girls even wash those before you swap if you’re so rich buy some new thread to wrap around yo – self. Ballin? Ballin my ass you have been hoe-ing in the same clothes all this time. By the way do you two have anything to do with the drd outbreak in WPG? You two are the common denominator for every desperate man in Pig City. Get over yourself B*tch have you no shame?