Arizona Nikki (Lauren Coover)

Nikki (Lauren Coover) — Phoenix, Arizona

When a woman knows that another man is taken, out of respect and integrity you leave it be. Not this one she comes to our house for thanksgiving in2013 with her boyfriend who is now dead. She decides after he died she needs a new baby’s daddy. With out flinching she begins to send me text messages breaking up with me from my boyfriends phone . My boyfriend contacted me thru out their 6 month relationship where him And I eventually were back together. She had been sleeping with someone else’s husband while with my boyfriend . Him and I have been back together and about a month ago she decided to be rude when I confronted her about talking to him. Very hurtful but not saying she wasn’t doing anything . She is okay with being second I guess. I spend a nice evening with my dude on Thursday And he took the day off work Friday for us to hang out. She ended up there after I left. I know he is at fault just as much but cmon really like get your own dude . Women should stick together this slut just wants to get stuck that’s her priority.