Cheaters Nikki James

Nikki James — Billings, Montana

I met this bleeding heart said her Two husbands had both been killed in car accidents. All she did was cheat and lie. Probably lied about that too!! Went through her phone pictures of her with 3 rainbow colored dongs in her Ass!!! Who does shit like that was just nasty!!! did everything for this b**ch. Then to find out she’s f*cking 3 other men. One of which was MARRIED! We were in a pretty serious relationship How do you cheat with someone who is married while your in a relationship. I found out from her Mom!! The dudes wife messaged her mother who then told me! Needless to say i left the trash. She doesnt know how to be a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, or take care of her shit. She wears name brand clothes because her mother buys them otherwise she wouldn’t be able to afford dollar general clothes! Stay away from this trash! She also caught chlamydia from the most recent guy screwed believe his name was Chris Sargeant!