Australia Nikeeta Lal

Nikeeta Lal — Mt. Druitt, Australia

Who calls your husband everyday!!! This sick little drama queen is a typical lying actress. Sad little woman with a need for attention. She has the urge to go after guys that are married, partnered or have girlfriends as such! She knows the men’s work schedules and constantly calls. Reels them in on all her lies and sob stories and plays a victim real well. She is game for anyone as long as they give her the attention she so depserately craves. She says she is a banker on her Facebook. She has so much baggage an airplane can’t hold it. Depserate and needy. Keep away is all I can say. She knew me and my husband and still sent him naked pics and calls him everyday to sleep with him. She constantly calls everyday and when she got caught out she plays innocent like she’s the victim. On line she goes by Kitz. Maybe some other people should contact her and give her a piece of my mind after I told her off to stay away!