Cheaters NicoleAmber Jensen

NicoleAmber Jensen — Midland, Michigan

This girl likes to find married men and use them for everything they have. She makes the men think that the wife is all wrong for them no matter how long they have been married and how many kids they have. She will straight up try and take everything from you including your kids. Once she drys up your bank account, she moves on to someone new. I know she was sleeping with 2 different married men at one time. While she was living with a different guy. She tells everyone pity stories about her, and how horrible he life is. She’s had more jobs this year than I have had in since I was 16 years old. She’s a liar and a fake! Beware if you live in Michigan. She loves to move when she can’t get anymore married men around her. And it is even known she travels to Bay City to sleep with guys from different bars. If you have slept with this thing, or you found out your husband/boyfriend has slept with her, get checked. Who knows what she has!