Cheaters Nicole Thomas

Nicole Thomas — Marlton, New Jersey

Nicole Thomas of Marlton, NJ, 38 years old, recently divorced with 2 children, part-time lunch lady in a nearby elementary school was dating my friend’s fiance for 3 months and called and texted him 1 hour before the rehearsal dinner. Stating, “it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that you’re getting married tomorrow.”

My friend, the bride, beautiful 26 year old brilliant nurse saw the text after this homewrecker called and hung up on her and confronted Evan Eppolite, the groom. He left, my friend called off the wedding 30 minutes to the rehearsal thank God!!

She is so better off not marrying a lying, cheating, disrespectful piece of garbage!! The next day, Nicole Thomas posted that she was in a relationship which was the icing on the cake!! Nice role model for your children. She must be completely stupid if she thinks he’ll be faithful to her after he treated another human being like he did!! She knowingly got involved with my friend’s fiance, knowing he was engaged. #totalwhore