Canada Nicole Klingbyle

Nicole Klingbyle — Windsor, Canada

This woman pursued my fiance as hard and ruthlessly as she could for years thru facebook (unbeknown to me) as a “friend” then slowly used his insecurities and my health to convince him I no longer loved him and that she would take care of him. She practically had him moving in to her house of skank while I was undergoing medical treatment, solely to fulfill her desire of stealing someone. When confronted she acted like I was the one to blame. This is an evil and manipulative woman, apparently he wasn’t the first and I’m sure he wont be the last. I take responsibility for neglecting my love and leaving him vulnerable to such a beast. I’m putting her on this site so other women can be wary of her on their husbands facebook friends list. She has no morals or integrity. She will lie and deceive to get her way.