Canada Nicole Gardner-Cheng

Nicole Gardner-Cheng – Toronto, Canada

Lmao, this b7tch Nicole must really think I’m gonna really care or give a flying f^ck that she deleted my pics off her unknown page because I got invited to the Aubrey & The Three Migos concert & SHE DIDN’T ! she big mad I didn’t bring her with me ! Sorry sis, I can’t be your facade to pretend you smashing Drizzy ! Nicole you mad because you been living with your head between Drake’s bu!tcrack for so long that you lack oxygen to your brain ! Drake ain’t even invite you to his show, you out in them streets telling everyone how you sleeping with him, how he pays you a salary to manage him as an artist and you even take money off of people promising them an introduction then change your ig name when they catch on to your lie and about to expose you! You wanna be fake and follow me still but delete my pics ? Ok let me do some fake ish like this !