Cheaters Nicole Frances Liguori Brandon

Nicole Frances Liguori Brandon – Florida

Where do I begin with this girl. I have so much I want to say and and want to get off my chest about you. I FKN HATE YOU NICOLE LIGUORI!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you seriously? And I just realized your a nurse? HA!!! Who dare gave you a license to treat people clearly messed up. If anyone is needing treatment you should be in the front of the line. 2 years later Nicole your still attacking me and my family and friends and michael. What the hell is wrong with you? You are the most disgusting human being I ever encountered in my life. You need a life, a hobby, go find a friend, a pet, something just disappear. How old are you? My kids are in middle school and act more mature than your sorry little pathetic a**. Every day stalking me and my family and friends, attacking us daily, following me around daily are you serious? I always ask myself… why haven’t you ever approach me? Why do you hide behind fake profiles? phone numbers? Follow me around to my work and places to eat and with friends and never approach me? Scared I would smack the s*** out of your a**??? Well I would love to. You definitely deserve it. All the countless times you have drove yourself from brandon to clearwater to my house just to stalk me and my family and put us all in fear. I HATE YOU! God knows what you do and all the destruction you do, and you will have to answer to him at some point. Have you heard the news about your girlfriend Daniela? Sounds like Karma to me. You think it’s ok to publicly destroy people online and cyber stalk and bully? Well I got news for you little girl…I have had enough of seeing it all and listening to all the drama you have created for me and him. Since you want to make up stories online about michael and make him a public punching bag I will make it a personal mission aswell to do the same to you and publicly destroy you also. I assure you with my connections… and resources having the right people look into you and your public records as you say… Public information as you say… they would love to know who really is behind Nicole Liguori who has a nursing license.. I am sure if I make matters difficult for you like you have for him and myself you can begin to start to feel what it is like to have problems and challenges in your life. And lets not forget… the problems are the problems you have created for us in the last 2 years. So bring it on b****. I am tired of you attacking him and attacking me. Your a horrible horrible person. You need to get a life and get the F out of mine and ours as long as I see him. I HATE YOU NICOLE, I HATE YOU NICOLE, I HATE YOU NICOLE. On another note…BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! if you ever find yourself having to be treated by this psychopath, run and run fast. You really need to be baker acted personally. You need to move on, find a boyfriend, a hobby, a pet anything else other than living behind the shadows of fake fb accounts, fake phone numbers, using sites like this to slander and cyber bully people. So what you may or may not like him or me. So what things didn’t workout with you to a couple years ago. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move on. Get over it. Who cares. As far as I see, if anything your the reason we still push for our relationship and regardless of good or bad times. We stay. We always work thru it as a team, regardless of what bs you have done to us. Should we break up.. or go our own ways…it will be done on our terms, not by yours as you clearly can tell after 2 years of your stalking our lives and living your life thru ours. And another thing nicole if I want to change my profile pic, cover photo on fb etc… I do it because I want to. Your such a fool and a puppet … It is amazing how much of a low life you really are thinking that when I make changes, something big is going on. Your so pathetic. In case you do not know… I FKN HATE YOU NICOLE LIGUORI. I WISH YOU WOULD BURN IN HELL.